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Frequent Questions

Why Do People Choose Cremation?

The reasons for choosing cremation are as varied and uniqueas the individuals selecting it. Some choose cremation because of their feelings towards the environment and land use; others select it to save money or because of religious beliefs. The reasons for considering cremation are a highly personal reflection of an individual’s beliefs and preferences.

Do All Religions Permit Cremation?

Religious positions vary widely regarding cremation. Some require it, others disallow or advise against it, and others take no position at all. Most, however, will allow you to decide. If you are unsure as to the position your religion embraces, please ask your clergy. 

Is Embalming Required?

NO, embalming is not required for cremation. We provide onsite refrigeration in which the deceased may be held for any necessary waiting period. Embalming, however, is necessary when a public ceremony involves a public viewing. Some families also elect embalming if there will bean extended delay between the time of death and an identification viewing. 

Is a Casket Required for Cremation?

NO, a casket is not required for cremation. Most crematories will, however, require a rigid, combustible, leak-proof, covered container.This minimum requirement is also referred to as an alternative container and is required for sanitary reasons and allows a dignified manner in which to place the deceased into the cremation chamber. The type of cremation container  used is really a personal choice. 

May I Witness the Cremation of A Loved One?

YES, if you wish, you may witness the cremation  container being placed into the cremation chamber. You may even start the process if you desire. We simply ask that you inform us of your wishes in advance so we may schedule the cremation accordingly. 

Are Cremations Done Individually?

YES, at our crematory only one cremation casket or containeris cremated at a time

How Do I Know If I Am Receiving My Loved One?

We have implemented a tracking system that assures the integrity of each cremation. We document the entire process from the time they arrive to the completion of the cremation. We also use a numbered stainless-steel disk that accompanies the deceased throughout the process. 

What Forms of Payment are Accepted?

We accept cash, check, and major credit cards. OUR CHARGES ARE DUE AT TIME OF SERVICE.

Can I Prepay for My Services?

YES, pre-planning services is one of the most loving things you can do for your family. This ensures your wishes are carried out which relieves the stress of making important decisions, locks in the price of your service, and relieves your family of any financial burden. This easy process only takes a short time to complete. 

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